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Are you looking for a way to observe a striking visual display of the

     After incubating a Cecropia cocoon at room temperatures for
30-60 days, the adult moth will emerge in early afternoon. With wings
spanning 6 inches from 
tip to tip, and colored shades of red, brown,
and lavender, the Cecropia is the largest 
and most beautiful moth of
North America.

    Both the cocoon and the adult require minimal care and no special
equipment. A 5 gallon aquarium or similar sized box will do for a container. 
Since the Cecropia eats only in the larval stage, NO FEEDING is required. 
The adult lives for 8-15 days, then dies naturally.  If the adult emerges
during warm spring weather, it CAN BE RELEASED.  

An order is sent with concise, easily understood instructions plus additional
information about the Cecropia moth.  Instructions also appear on this website.

The Cecropia is an excellent project with consistently fine results. 
I GUARANTEE EACH COCOON will emerge or I will return the purchase price. 

Thank you for your order.  –Art Good

Note:  This last summer I very successfully raised a large number of cecropias, after several years of difficulty. 
My crop was the largest, most beautiful cecropias I have ever seen!!!  I am back in business and am confident
I can continue to raise cecropias every year.  In general, the cocoons are a lustrous, dark reddish silk.  I fill orders
on a first come, first serve basis.  I begin to fill orders on February 1 (I must keep cocoons in the cold until then
or they will not hatch), and will not ship for arrival after April 30.

This Years Crop.